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Kokedama Ping-Ball

Ruben Resendiz

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Hello all

I saw a topic of growing plants with this technique, Kokedama is a Japanese moss ball or hanging ball, And I thought that this technique would work for Pinguiculas.

Like this http://pinterest.com...86108521587058/

and this http://www.stringgardens.com/

So this is the process for making the Ball

Start with some plastic netting who containing veggies like this


_DSC2556.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Closing one side of ther grid


_DSC2715.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Then Prepare the soil for Pinguicula


_DSC2716.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

And compact the soil with hands for making a ball


_DSC2718.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

And do de ball bigger


_DSC2720.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

And bigger


_DSC2721.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

And Bigger


_DSC2723.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

and now put moss on the ball


_DSC2724.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

And close the ball with the veggies netting


_DSC2728.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

tighten the mesh to contain everything and close the other side


_DSC2731.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Ball finished


_DSC2734.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Now to put plants


_DSC2737.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr


_DSC2738.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr


_DSC2741.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

and finally hung the ball to expose it to the light and hope that the plants grow


_DSC2752.jpg por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

hope you like it, and I'll be uploading progress


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There's a photo on my Tumblr of some Sarracenia purpurea, Dionaea and Nepenthes growing that way. Looks lovely although high maintenance, especially watering the Sarracenia.


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To keep it from drying fast, what if you put those water absorbing crystals in the very middle?

I didn't realise you could use those things on CP's! I know they retain water but I have it in my head that they also NEED water to stay hydrated, thus taking it from the soil as much as they give it (or more). The only time I've ever used them was as a florist in flower arranging. We used to hydrate them with food colouring in the water and use glass vases that then had varying coloured crystals. Nice until they got algae.

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Richard, time to get the head checked :) Sorry, couldn't resist.

If they are the right water polymers (crystals, sic) they just hold water and give it back to plant as needed. They don't suck water from the plant to stay wet; rather the reverse happens. Basically, it lets the soil hold more water without it becoming water-logged.

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I used these crystals as one of the ingredients in the soil mix I made for my Ping wall. Don't know how much it is helping or not, but no negative side effects seen yet after 1yr.

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