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Jozef Havrilcak

Cephalotus "Squat"

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next Squat pitcher :D nice looking when pither all open and have white color :DCan i do "pitcher cutting" ?

I would not bother trying it for two reasons.

1. It may just be that it has no pigment due to being covered (althought it appears whiter than any pitcher I have seen in situation). Was it covered, or has it not developed colour when in a normal lighting situation?

2. If it is really without pigment when in light, it may be a white "sport" (which is what it looks like). If it is a sport, then it will not be able to photosynthesize and so would not grow if taken as a cutting.

The stem appears to have pigment, so I would wait to see if it develops pigment before doing anything.

Has anyone tried layering with a ceph? Normally this is done with stems, so given that Cephs have rhizomes and can be easily propagated but dividing them, laying is not necessary. In a case like this it would be advantageous if the pitcher's petiole could be encouraged to stike roots while still being fed by the rest of the plant. That way it may be possible to produce a plant with some white pitchers, if it was a stable condition.

I have heard of an attempt to produce a cultivar with partly white pitchers, but the growers seems to have been unsuccessful in doing so.

If it is a stable sport, hopefully it may produce more such pitchers.

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Hi all

The 'white color' or the (absence of pigment), is happened to me with a C. German Giant this winter, such other cepha growers, but over time and leaving it in full Sun, this peculiarity is slowly disappear, returning to be a 'normal' colored pitcher, you just wait and see what happens, and I suggest you not absolutely cutting it!



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I have had a few very pale pitchers, but not this white, when in light. I have found that they slowly colour up, but they don't seem to do well. Mine have turned pinkish before seeming to get sunburnt and die off.

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