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Marek Wozny

Some cephalotus picture in the spring time - flowers.

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As has been said before, there are more than one plant being grown as Hummers Giant. Whether any if them are identical to the original is unknown. This is also true of other cultivars/clones, particularly Big Boy and vigprous clumping.

More recently there is a dark pitchered form with this label. Although attractive this is definitely not the cultivar.

What did not help was the editors note on the cultivar description, which stated that any large Ceph in collections was likely to be this cultivar!

There are photos of the original plant ,better than a description , so its not hard to tell what one has ?? ,so what your saying is that no one seems to have the true plant in EU, UK , they all seem to be different !! and have variations, ,shame it was not keep in better check !.

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Hi All again


Please , It was not my goal to create a dispute. 


It is time to share with You some new pictures and experience.

Thank You for Pokie's to tell me the answers for my doubt, I think that is now right way in growth my cephalotus plants.


Here You are my all 4 plants : Dudley Watts goe_C002, Hummer Giant, Eden Black goe_C003 and the first one from the left Giant from Mr. Wistuba.



German Gian, Dudley Watts goe_C002, Hummer Giant, Eden Black goe_C003



To confirm also fact that some giant forms grow very slowly, here is the cephalotus Giant - origin A. Wistuba.

It has now a few years and growth was very slow. This year he show up some progress – new growing points emerge near the rim of the pots.

Also this plant will go to a shady position for next year.




Dudley Watts goe_C002 and HG together, same size small pots.



HG and Eden Black goe_C003 together.



Dudley Watts goe_C002.



Dudley Watts goe_C002 – the bigger pitcher was form in the back of the pots, when the sun exposure was lowest.



Now we have HG – looks the plant starving for bigger place to growth.

Also, You see the plants grows up. HG gets more green/Yellow color.

I heard a few times that Giant forms do not gets strong colors, sound correct.



Next proof that the bigger trap was form at the back of the pots.



And here is something special for a  fan of the wide midrib – see the most hidden trap at the back of the pots.



Also most Cephalotus growers knows that if the plant grows in strong light getting strong, colored but smaller traps, not to much typical leafs - only pitchers.

Please see the picture now, all bigger traps growing at the back side of the plants was bigger, It was where a little more shade is appeared.



Now some update, my nice growing Eden Black goe_C003, looks like this plant clone my conditions and soon I will see nice clumps of darker traps.




Next to confirm – the bigger pitcher was growth in the back of the pot.




Eden Black goe_C003 in the nice color, I think that I have to many sphagnum in my soil to get fully dark color. Will check this next season.



To confirm this, I made also some experiment. Did You remember my Big Boy plant – please check the picture from first page.

This plant was repotted this spring. Then I was put it to the shade positions, no direct light.

There was also a place for newly arrived Julie Jones (I was get a very small plant), and few seedling of Julie Jones x ? from Stephen seeds from previous Years.




Julie Jones goe_C006 x self ?



Julie Jones goe_C006 – nice strength growth.




This is the stunning growth, as You see the Big Boy gets really big size. This plant grew a few years for me and the growth was very slow.

Please see also vertical lid  :ireful2:  :sarcastic_hand: .



Last picture is the front exposure of lots of pitchers, back side of the pot – lots of non carnivorous leafs – shade conditions.



So conclusion is that to get “in my growing condition”  good size of the cephalotus, I need put them to the more shaded position.

My growing position is to harsh to get big size of the plant – but this will be fully confirmed in next autumn.

This spring I will repot all my Cephalotus, and half of divisions will be put to shady locations to check and compare the result.

I’m sure that the growth will show new evidence.


Happy growing


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great shots  Marek ,your cephs look great :tu:





totally great mate , well done ,been waiting for some seed to show good colour traces,will suspect to be a lot more soon enough

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