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The Great South West CP Weekend - 22/23 June


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Hi People

on the weekend of 22/23 June there are four CP open days here in the sunny South West. Two in Cornwall on Saturday 22nd and two in Devon on Sunday 23rd. Full details are on the CPS website (www.thecps.org.uk/events.php).

As well as the chance to view some of the best CP collections in the country, there will be lots of plants available to buy or swap and refreshments are provided.

Hope to see you there.


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Thanks to everyone who came along to my first open day and for Dennis, John and Ian's hospitality this weekend. John's was the usual sarra- fest and had a great time dispite the slight wetness! Also a pleasure to visit Dennis and Carol again after a break of a few years. Also, what a surprise to see Ian's collection of plants co-habiting with exotic butterflies, axolotls and stick insects!

Met some new people, saw some amazing plants and added a few plants to the collection, (thanks to Dennis and Ian for that) also swopped some plants and ideas, what a great weekend!

'Twas a good do' as we say in Cornwall!



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I also would like to add my thanks to Denis and Ian (& their other halfs) for the excellent hospitality. This was the first open day I have managed to attend but will definitly look to attend more when possible. It was a happy conicidence that I was in Devon visiting my parents at the weekend.

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