Pinguicula oblongiloba identification help


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Hi everyone,

Recently, I received a Pinguicula moranensis-Pico de Orizaba in flower and the flowers and leaves of this plant are almost identical to that of the plant I received as oblongiloba. Can anyone confirm if they are both moranensis from Pico de Orizaba?

After what Fernando described as oblongiloba, I believe the oblongiloba I have is mislabeled. If so, chances are that a lot of people in the U.S. have mislabeled oblongiloba as this clone has been circulating for a number of years.

I would also like to find pics of the real oblongiloba. Maybe someone here has flowered this plant? Bestcarnivorousplants and some other nurseries seem to sell this plant, but I do not know if theirs are correctly identified.

P.moranensis-Pico de Orizaba flower


Flower of P.oblongiloba(?)


Flower comparison-the Pico de Orizaba is a little more pink than the oblongiloba-perhaps different clones from same population?


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The only seller of the true P. oblongiloba is A. Wistuba.

P. sodalium is the other name of the plants from Pico de Orizaba and named according to S. Zamudio Pinguicula moranensis var. neovolcanica.


All the page on P. sodalium can be seen here.

I checked : P. oblongiloba from J.J.LABAT is the same plant as yours an were later labelled by him P. moranensis from Santiago

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the information. I looked through your website and although I could not find a page on the moranensis from Santiago, I did find the Pico de Orizaba page. On the page, there was a comment by Andre Cleghorn that mentioned that the flowers are usually very dark purple, although a bright pink form has been found. I am guessing that my plant is the bright pink form.

The picture on the same page shows a dark purple flowered Pico de Orizaba, which has coloration much like the oblongiloba(?) I grow. The purple color on the flower of my oblongiloba(?) did not show up too well,

but it is the same plant as the one that Dean Cook grows(Bob's link).

Do you happen to know if the Santiago and Pico de Orizaba population are close? On your preview page, I found a picture of moranensis Santiago and I also found pics of moranensis-Libelulita, which you mention are from the same population. The flowers of these two plants look alike, but do not look like the flower on my oblongiloba. Could JJ Labat have made a mistake with changing the name to moranensis Santiago? I am wondering how he concluded that it was from Santiago, unless of course he collected the plant himself or knows someone who collected it.

Hi Bob,

I received the oblongiloba from Cook, so it is the same clone.



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There's five Santiagos in Vera Cruz alone...

I compared the flowers to Kirkbright. The flowers of the Pico de Orizaba and oblongiloba are much smaller than the Kirkbright.

I wonder who collected this plant and exactly where.

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