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Southwest Carnivorous plants 14 years on the Web

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Southwest Carnivorous Plants have a new web site. This is the 5th new site we have had since we started trading online in 1999

We stopped doing our shows last year as it became more difficult to maintain our internet sales service. We will miss meeting our customers and fellow exhibitors but will have more time to devote to growing plants and providing a first class service to our internet customers.

Of course you are welcome to come to the nursery to choose your plants, by appointment only please (see our About Us page for directions).

Our new website may look very similar to the last one but it is built using a far more moden shopping cart program. This will allow customers to register their details if they wish and to keep a track of their purchases. We are also introducing a loyalty point system for registered customers so further purchases will get a discount. More details will be provided shortly.

After a lot of thought, we have decided to have reviews. This will enable you to both review the product and the service. Of course the plants will reflect the season in which they are bought but I am sure it will help people to choose and will provide some useful feedback for us

We have some more Venus Flytrap cultivars listed including a spectacular 'Scarlet Bristle'. We have also put together some Venus Flytrap Collections to enable people to enjoy a greater range of these fascinating plants at a lower price.

Alistair and Jenny

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Congratulations to both of you. Delighted with the reviews as it will only serve to bring you more deserved business as your plants are always fantastic quality.


Thanks Richard

It is now the way of the World . recon we should get some classic reviews in mid winter ;)

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I can see it now. "Ordered a fly trap for Christmas that died in the post (or shortly after putting on radiator). Evil seller only states not to use multi-purpose compost as a way of lining their own pocket. Fly Traps are cheaper in Lidl."

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I visited the nursery while on holiday in Devon. It was a great experience. A friendly welcome, wasn’t rushed, free to browse the plants and advice freely give,. And of course the plants are top class. Really pleased with my purchases and a great morning out during my holidays. Highly recommended.

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