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Hi all,

waiting for the summer i'm studing how to place my Nepenthes (inter/highland) and Piguicolas outside; i've a balcony with south exposition wich take sun from 8 to 18,my actual setup is:

a 90% shade cloth on the south and west faces of the shelf and nothing on the east face,so the plants would take full sun from 8 to 12 and shaded sun (90%) the rest of the day

Do you think it's ok or the shaded light from 12 to 18 isn't enough although the 4 hours of direct sun?

Thanks in advance


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I should think that would be fine. Depends on how strong your sun is, I suppose. My Neps get almost no direct sunlight ... the light comes through a rather dirty awning which probably acts as partial shade, and then there's no direct light at all after about 3pm. Most of my plants do fine (lowlanders, admittedly).

I guess just keep an eye on your plants. If they start putting out straggly leaves, perhaps cut down on the amount of shading.

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I opted for a double layer of mosquito net on all the faces,i tried with the method described above for some days but the light was very weak (i live in northern Italy,sun isn't very strong here) and i decides it wasn't enough for the plants. I'll try this way and in case of problems i'll add some more shading :)

Thanks a lot to both


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