Carnivorous Plant that is also used as a pest monitor!

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Hi guys,

I have forgotten the name of this plant and I was wondering if you could help me find it. While I was at Kew they used to use a natural way of monitoring pests. It was a plant that I was told was carnivorous, it had to be submerged in water, the leaves were flat and a light, yellowish green leaves. It would also have a pink flower on a single spike.

The insects would get stuck to the leaves, a bit like a sticky trap, the yellow ones you get in horticulture nurseries.

Any one have a clue??

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Pinguicula (Butterwort) has leaves like you describe, but as far as I know they're not submerged in water.

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Maybe submerged in water just meant it was sitting in water and it certainly sounds like Pinguicula.

Regards Neil

It was definitely that one!! thanks! :)

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