Acclimization tissue culture plants

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I got some questions about tissue culture plants,

I will put the plants in a greenhouse, should I put growlights on on cloudy days? I want to put plastic foil over the plants for the humidity and build off (if someone know how long I should put it over...). I have an air pump with 2 outlets, should I put this under the plastic foil for some air circulation? Any other tips are appreciated and my last question is, what plants are the easiest to acclimize, Dionaea?

Thanks a lot for the help

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Hi there,

I TCed a batch of vfts and until now,there are about 80% of plantlets survived the acclimation prozess.Protocals I used are listed as follows:

1. saturate air humidity for the first 3 weeks until platnlets form new leaves,then gradually decrease it(cut holes on the humidity-sustaining film).

2. 50 watt T8 lamp. light is not so crucial ,for plants stay in the acclimating container temporarily after all.

3. It dosen't matter wheather air exchanges if my "pseudo-planting" medium is clean enough.But it may be better if I can garantee both humidity and air freshness,making it less likely to mould or get bacteria comtam.

As for the easiest plants for acclimation,I take drosera for granted for that their growing humidity is nearly 100%.

I will later post some fotoes of my acclimation.

best regards

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if your plants are in a greenhouse you will not need growlight if anything you need to do all you can to reduce the light levels for the first 3-4 weeks

dionaea were always the easiest plants to acclimatise from tissue culture grow really

they produce roots much quicker than a lot of other plants and cope with lower humidity but you will need to put them in the coolest and darkest place in the greenhouse

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Hmm,I suddenly find my camera do not work! I could only take these fotoes with nokia...

1. plantlets deflasked and washed



2. In the acclimation container(there are only a few,because most of them growed new leaves and have been transplanted ),




transplanted plantlets:





Hope these helps!

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