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10am for free access to the public gardens

1pm for access to the restricted area

This popular meeting will include a tour of the Carnivorous plant greenhouse in the tropical nursery. This area is not open to the public, and houses many more plants, especially Nepenthes, than are on general show. several members enjoyed being able to spend more time looking around the public areas of Kew last year, so again this year those of you wishing to make a good day out can gain free access to the gardens at 10am, meeting at the Herbarium Gates. Otherwise meet at 1pm outside at the Herbarium Gates, which is a private entrance a few hundred yards to the right of the main entrance on Kew Green. Please don't be late, as the gates will be locked very shortly after both entry times.

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My apologies to all CPS members. This event completely slipped past me. I got the date to Tim ready for the Planta, but I completely forgot to upload it onto the CPS website, the CPS facebook page and onto here in my open days and events post.

I truly am sorry everyone that you are all only now seeing the post, and admittedly I wouldn't have noticed, but Nick Johnson from Kew gardens sent me a message today to check with me about the posts as he couldn't see it and to check if anyone was going.

If any of you are able to make Kew Gardens tomorrow (today), please have a wonderful day as I know that everyone at Kew has been working very hard to make it a good day for you all.


Dianne Riddiford

Carnivorous Plant Society

Meetings Organiser

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Wonder if anyone turned up!!

I have a Saurday booked off work for July when it has always taken place- as my place of work needs almost a years notice!! Had guess judging by the other events in July it would be moved elsewhere. Still there is always next year- depending when it occurs!

Pity as Nick gave the impression last year that the 2013 open day would be a bit special!

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Any chance of a "reschedule" ! im free mid july onwards except for Matthews open day!! :sarcastic_blum:

Oh! and Les,s day!

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I emailed Nick last night and unfortunately Kew are unable to schedule another open day this year as everyone is busy. Everyone involved in today's open day at Kew choose the date out of a few that I gave them, so I am sorry to anyone who has provisionally booked a day off work or made plans for a date in July.

Regards Dianne

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