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More than wonderful place, and with the right bleas Pings in bloom. Thank you for sharing the video with us Dalibor, because these images did are spectacular.

Best regards,


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Hi Dalibor,

very nice video! Congrats to the opportunity to see this marvellous place!

But you havent wrote where it is. Let me guess... Not much people gets there, am i right? From the short view on the landscape around i think that i have been there too with one of our university´s fieldtrips. Normally this is one of the most guarded reservations and inaccessible without permission. It is indeed a unique place, where P. vulgaris is definitelly not the rarest plant species. And this place is a part of "CHKO Jeseníky".

Did i guess correctly or am i completely wrong? :smile:



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Aaah... and it seemed so similar! (As far as my memories are correct) :smile:

Thats why i did not write the name of the one i had in mind... well, it resembled me the locality i have mentioned very much, but such beautiful places can be found here and there too.

Still, its beautiful. :smile:


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