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S. leucophylla Hurricane Creek White Baldwin Co, AL, 2013(pics)

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This year, we have had some exceptional weather here in Northern California. In late April/Early May, we had a heat wave where the temperatures reached the low 90's (approx. 32C), and in general, there have been many warm days reaching the low 80's (approx. 27C). This abnormally warm weather, coupled with our standard California sunshine, has resulted in earlier than normal pitcher production.

S. leucophylla Hurricane Creek White has really benefitted from this warm weather. As discussed in other posts, one of the many great facets of this now extinct in the wild population is that they produce solid spring and fall pitchers. Many other S. leucophylla clones only produce really nice fall pitchers.

The spring pitchers are typically bright white, but some can have red pigments in them. While they are impressive, the fall pitchers are typically larger and brighter white. However, when grown as a dense stand as photographed below, these plants are so white that they sometimes glow at night!

All of these photos below were taken mid May 2013. These are all spring pitchers of various different clones:










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*major drool*

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simply amazing pitchers...I love them!!

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