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Southwest Giant gets RHS Award of Garden Merit


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Funny how things pan out. When i first named this plant around twenty years ago (one of the first named VFT cultivars) i never registerd the description as i just couldnt be botherd .

now i find that somehow its been awarded a RHS award of Garden Merit . Dont know how it got entred but it sure wasnt by me ...For the same reasons I just couldnt be botherd,

Seems the best way of getting plant fame is to do diddly squit. :thanks: RHS for the Award but why!!!


Got some new giant vfts to come on sale later in the year that will knock SWG back into the swamp.

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:Laie_71mini: congratulations! you have rather piqued my interest with that last line too. I'm tempted to add a some more dionaea to the collection now...
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Congratulations, that one plant is now world wide, amazing really. If you ask any person who has joined the CPUK, the first Dionaea that comes to mind will be your plant. In respect you paved the way for a hobby that so many of us are captivated by. Big pat on the back from me.

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