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Some of you might remember last year when I was worrying that my U. nelumbifolia only grew runners not leaves and it looked like this...


after months of waiting it looks like I shouldn't have worried because there are still no leaves but now it looks like this...


and this


and this...


the lower flower on the group of 4 first opened at the beginning of March and they're all still going strong.

Thanks for looking.

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Beautiful, thank you for sharing those photos. :) I got mine yesterday, again after about 8 years of break in growing it. I wonder if it could be grown on windowsill, in maybe partial shade... I don't know if it will survive in low air humidity. Do you have any experience with growing it that way or you always kept yours in high air humidity?

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Thank you guys.

Chris, this plant was growing in a covered and heated propagator (Vitopod) and under T5 lights until it got too tall. As you can see from the condensation in the first image it was rather humid (80% or so most of the time). Since it became too tall (4th January) it has been uncovered on the greenhouse staging in ambient winter humidity, temperatures inside the greenhouse have been down to 5C occasionally and around 7-8C on a regular basis.

Some of the runners which were already rooted and in glasses of water were kept inside the house over winter, 1 was on a South facing windowsill above a radiator for a few months. Minimum temp would be about 15C, humidity in the room probably down to 20% probably irrelevant as the plant was in the glass of water. Although it did grow a couple of new leaves whilst there it certainly did not thrive and the leaves were very small. Although not very scientific I think the conclusion for me was that higher humidity gave better results but temperature was not so important.

The main plant with the flowers hasn't grown any new leaves over winter and I have resigned myself to the fact that it looks great whilst flowering but nothing special at other times. Since it is already 2 months since the first flower opened and it still has not dropped I think it is worth the effort.

I hope this gives you some ideas

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