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propagation of Biblis

dudo klasovity

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I have often wanted to try this genus for artificial propagation because as normally short-lived plants, they would theoretically seem to propagate very fast under aseptic conditions.

Even when I got my hands on some very fresh seeds, the set back has always been insufficient sterilization of the seeds, because of the surface. As with gemmae of pygmy sundews, the surface is not smooth and even though I have been able to get rid of fungal contamination, the bacterial growth was killing the seeds in most of cases. (I dont use ATB).

And when I overcame this problem, the second hurdle was to make them germinate in a reasonable period of time. The success rate with GA3 was 50% for me (not ideal, but sufficient)

When they are in vitro, aseptic and germinating, the rest is simple and you can just watch them grow on 30-50%MS and propagate well without the hormones.

They are beautiful plants with amazing flowers! :-)

Out of the jar, but still in the gel (Byblis aquatica):


In substrate:


Hope this helps to anyone willing to try them:-)

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