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U. mannii panic


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Hello CPUK. I don't often post here, and largely lurk. But I posted something about my concerns for successfully cultivating my imminently arriving U. mannii to the ICPS forum. It was pointed out to me that those with the proper experience are typically found here. I have included the other post below, but in essence I would like to hear from successful growers of U. mannii about their cultivation techniques. Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you all for your time, whether simple reading this comment or for forthcoming assistance!


Hello all - Let me start out by saying that I like tubers. They are awesome! Chubby little storehouses of life modestly hiding just below the surface. Never boasting of their importance to the rest of the plant. When conditions are good the gaudier parts of the plant unfurl and make grand displays, but when times get rough those flashy parts fade away and life retreats back to the security of the tuber.

I grow several tuberous sundews, but given the location of this thread I am sure you know where this is going. I have been trying to better succeed with the tuberous species of bladderworts. I have kept U. endresii for 5 years. It always makes it, but never does anything spectacular. I have been doing great with my U. alpina, but who hasn't. I had a U. quelchii for one season, a small tuber that was gifted in a trade and only ever put up one tiny leaf before it blinked out - though I'd like to try it again someday.

On to my current concern. I have just ordered U. mannii. This may have been foolish. I am both excited and nervous about successfully cultivating this difficult species. I would love to hear from someone who has successfully grown this species, but I'd also like any information people have on its successful cultivation. I'd like to know temperature regimes, both diurnal and seasonal (hopefully more than just "keep it cool", I misinterpreted that with my Drosera schizandra and I think I killed it with cold temps), watering needs including seasonal changes, humidity requirements, and critically, substrate preferences.

Right now, I am planning on growing it in a small net pot with live sphagnum moss either sitting in a small tray of water or misting it well daily, and keeping the temperature around 15-22C. Does this sound like a good plan to those with experience in highland utrics?

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