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results of winter propagation-pics

dudo klasovity

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Dear CP growers!

Past 2 weeks I have been deflasking and started to acclimatize many sundew species from in vitro.

Most of them grew well in various tested nutrient media, some test have been performed with hormones and with colloidal silver. Of course, some were lost in research and there are still many hurdles to master some species;)

Here I would like to share several pictures with you.

drosera aff.petiolaris "pin cushion form" x drosera ordensis in vitro


For some species finally I got the right composition for inducing the tuberisation, here the tubers of

drosera rupicola "various flower colours"


Deflasking and acclimatisation of d.falconeri, d. hartmeyerorum, d. rupicola, d. zigzagia and d.kaieterurensis


Laboratory acclimatisation of d.mannii and various lasiocephala sundews


Laboratory acclimatisation of d.pulchella "Salmon flower", d. closterostigma and d.capensis "Baines Kloof" and "All Red"


Greenhouse acclimatisation of d.affinis, d.ascendens, d. burmannii, d. sessifolia, d.sp."Pretty Rosette", etc


Greenhouse acclimatisation of d.admirabilis, d.camporupestris, d.ascendens, d.esterhuyseniae x slackii etc


Fully acclimatised d. hilaris


If the weather continues to be so nice, they will be hardened in 2 weeks time, hopefully.

Hope you liked the pics:)

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..and here I add some pictures of today, mostly new cultures:

drosera falconeri, still without root system, but flowering already


drosera montana var. montana "Botumirin'


drosera sp. 'Auyan Tepui' on semi-liquid gel (some dews grow much faster this way)


drosera madagascariensis. Don't know how or why, but I never get this species right nutrition-wise. Always get a pale plants like this. Growing well though. Even with excess of Mg and Fe they look like this. Perhaps sensitive to some element/compound? Not sure.


My favourite and in my opinion very elegant plant, the drosera ascendens from Caminho do Mar


germination of seeds of drosera cistiflora 'Nieuwoudtville'


drosera regia


a newcomer, very nice hybrid drosera ascendens x drosera schwackei


sarracenia leucophylla from Perdido


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Hi there!

I have been using mostly Gelrite lately for its transparency and easy detection of potential contamination (my working setup isnt ideal;-).

It is a bit more expensive but you only need about a 1/3 of agar amount and also it is easier to set the pH, which is very important (less impurities).

Good luck! :-)

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Hi Dusan,

nice job!

Just one correction: the D. rupicola does not have different flower colours (always white), but it is the plants who can/will have different colours (from golden green to dark maroon).

Best regards


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Hey Dieter, thanx!

And I was wondering why the leaves were gold, reddish, metallic orange or green on various plants! Now your post explains it;)

Thank you for important correction:)

Best regards,


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Hey Dudo

Just a head's-up: the species previously reffered to as "D.ascendens" by all of us is now called D.latifolia, check the link below:


Best wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia

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Hello Dudo, I'm not sure there is anything "wrong" with the D. madagascariensis color... Some sundews reflect light oddly in my experience. As do many pinguicula species. I believe their flesh is translucent so that light is conducted throughout it as with fiber optics. Probably helps confuse insect prey items.

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great cultures Dudo , what media are you using for you D tubers , if u dont want to put it up , welcome to PM me

have you had success with multiplication of many Tubers in the jars, , by its own means, or do you apply multiplication methods

, you have done a great job , my Regia's are all so growing extremely fast


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