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S. flava var. ornata Bulloch Co, GA clone E (extreme heavy veins)


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This is one of the most heavily veined individuals from the S. flava var. ornata 'black veins' Bulloch Co, GA batch. This group of individuals can get solid dark black veins on the top of the lid, and I suspect the veins on the body could turn black as well, although it doesn't do that for me (maybe it could under greenhouse conditions?) When the traps just open, the veins on the top of the lid are red, but as the traps age, the veins turn black.

Interestingly enough, clone E in particular has always been so slow to grow and has not produced decent pitchers for 16 years! This is the first year that I've seen it in its fullest glory-the veins are incredibly dense. Have you ever seen anything with such intense veination, and no red pigments in between the veins? It might have taken so long to shine because this plant was neglected for a long time, but in any case, this thing is EXTREMELY slow growing.

S. flava var. ornata 'black veins' clone E Bulloch Co, GA:





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Very impressive. Its blood pressure may be a little high though :smile:


Thanks everyone! Well, technically, almost 16 years. This plant was grown from seed sown on 5/23/97 (still have the original label on the plant), and came from a selfed "red blotch/veined" plant that was originally from Private property owned by the Kennedy's (family of the former US president). Interestingly enough, the parent plant wasn't half as veined as the selfed offspring.

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