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S. flava var. rubricorpora clone L x best clone Liberty Co, FL


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Two of the best clones in the collection, from the same population (originally from Liberty Co, FL), were crossed together with the goal of creating fast growing, dark red plants that produce copious pitchers. As many of you may know, S. flava var. rubricorpora is notorious for being a slow grower and only producing one or two pitchers per plant.

I took clone L (the darkest rubricorpora clone in the collection) and crossed it with my best clone, which is the fastest growing clone that maintains a solid red body under optimal conditions. The seedlings from this resulting cross are producing their first significant pitchers, and a few have opened. Many are so vigorous that they have tons of side shoots, even on small plants, which means each clump will be able to produce many pitchers instead of your typical one or two per plant. So far, they're turning out to be really nice!

Photos taken 4/19/13 of several different clone L x best clone seedlings:








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Some more photos of rubricorpora L x best clone, taken early May 2013. The larger plants in the background are mother clones-the seedlings are all the small ones in the foreground of the picture. This cross turned out to be quite spectacular with a lot of slight variations:


The rest of these photos are a different tub of rubricorpora L x best clone:





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