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If you sell, or trade a carnivorous plant, if the buyer wants it sending, how do you go about doing this? I don't think it would be practical to send the plant by Royal Mail, or even by courier, because the carnivorous plant would get wrecked or killed in transit.

Does anyone have any information please?

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If that was the case plant mail order companies wouldn't exist!

I can only talk for pings and sarracenia.

Pings are sent out as dormant hibernacula.No soil or pot.Just damp papaer towel, wrapped round the gemmae and taped into a milk carton lid,placed in a jiffy bag,address written on front,taken to post office,paid for,done!

Sarracenia are taken out of the pot,roots washed.Old pitchers trimmed off,the plant is then wrapped in damp paper towel,this is placed in a plastic freezer bag,tied up.This is placed in a good cardboard box(no more than 8 cm deep)Tape this up and follow the same routine as for pings.

not lost one yet(touch wood)


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I send vfts in 40mm plastic waste pipes cut to the required length. They are cheap from any DIY shop and practically indestructible in the post. The plants goes into a bag and the bag goes into the pipe. I then put the pipe in a normal brown envelope.

You can get a 3metre length of pipe for as low as a couple of quid and it can be cut up into about 30 pieces depending on plant size of course

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I've been swapping plants with growers for donky's years and never had one die (had a couple lost) on me. Seriously, these plants are hardy and can take a trip through the post. I've even sent plants to Italy that has taken a couple of weeks to turn and all was ok.

Wrap the roots in a little peat then a wet kitchen towel, seal in a plastic bag, put in a tube as above or a plastic fast food box and stick an address label on, easy as!



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The vast majority of the plants I own have been received through the post, both bare-rooted and fully potted. All of my Cephalotus were sent fully potted, as was a rather large Heliamphora. I have only ever received one damaged plant and even that one was recoverable.

Do not assume that the carrier will take any notice of 'This way up', 'Handle with care', 'Fragile' or any such labels. You have to package the plants so that they can survive such handling.

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