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Someone know this company?

Its a good trusted place or a new company? I want to make a 280$ order but i dont want to lost my money.

The guy ask me the money now but he will ship my order in may, because he said the weather is too cold.


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Finaly, i got my plants from a h.burgundy-black, a h.hispida and a d.'Pink venus'.

Well packed, and the service was very fast!

The vft is perfect, good sized and nice color.

The hispida is tiny! A single juvenil pitcher with a tiny root.

The burgundy is nice, 10 juvenil pitchers, but 6-7 are already almost brown. Hope everything will grow fine under my care !

The only problem was the bonus plants. With my 84€ order, i had 5 bonus plants. Each times i ask him for this, he didnt reply. And finaly, he send 0 bonus plants.

But the most important, i have what i paid for, so im happy.

+1 for :-D

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Your post makes it sound like it took a 3 month delivery period. If they say they offer bonus items, and fail to deliver, I'd be pretty annoyed. It's one thing not offering it from the very beginning and another saying you will be, being ignored and not living up to the promise.

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Finaly, i got my bonus plants today, 2 weeks later...from another country lol. The first parcel, with the plants i paid for, was from CZE, and this one from poland.

Anyway, he gave me 4 dionaeas. A shark teeth, a red pablo, a red fused teeth, and a black star.

All plants where big and healthy!

On 2 dionaea, i even split the plants.

And on my heli burgundy-black, i already have a new pitcher!

+1 to

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