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I have found a CFL bulb to provide artificial lighting for my Nepenthes pitcher plant, it is a Philips Tornado energy saving 106 watt bulb, with 106 watt output, but only 23 watt usage, would this bulb be suitable to provide artificial lighting for my pitcher plant?

If you want to have a look at what my pitcher plant is, to ensure that this sort of light is suitable, if you click on my profile name, there is a photograph of it in my profile.

Any good information would be very helpful.

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a CFL isn't necessary if you have a windowsill that recieves enough light. i have a nice pitchering nep on a east windowsill, it just doesn't produce in winter. but in spring/ summer and autumn it does quite well.

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Yes I partly agree with Marlon and in winter you can use almost every artificial lightening for only a couple of hours per day.

For example I had some nepenthes on east windowsill and they were growing very well during spring to autumn. When winter came, I put a light source above them and they were growing good as well. Yes not so good like during summer but they were still making pitchers.

It depends on your possibilities. If you have no free and suitable windowsill an aquarium or a terrarium with an artificial light is necessary for you.

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