Nepenthes pitcher plant

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Hello and Happy Easter.

My brother has given me a Nepenthes pitcher plant for Easter, I have done a bit of research, and I have learned a little bit about the plants.

I was wondering whether anyone could give me some care information please?

I know that you water them with rain or distilled water,

I am looking for care tips like temperature, lighting conditions and whether or not they need a hibernation period in winter?

I couldn't attach a photograph of the plant to this post, however if you click on my profile name, you can have a look at it on there.

Any good information on this carnivorous plant would be really helpful. :-)

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Hi, as a relative newcomer to nepenthes too I found myself in the same boat as you when I got my first nep, a month or so back they're gorgeous plants aren't they? First up, get it out of that tray of water, neps hate standing in Water and keeping the soil too wet will rot the roots. Keep it moist but not sopping wet.

Temperature wise, I I'm not an expert so I can't tell what species of plant you have, (one of the more experienced forum members probably will though) so I can only give general advice, keep her warm and don't let the temp drop below about 16 degrees, but cooler nights warmer days is a good rule to apply. Mine get about 20 to 23 degrees Celsius in the day with a drop down to about 18 at night and they seem to enjoy that.

Humidity is important with neps and again, specific advise is out of my sphere of knowledge but they like it very humid, though in time you can acclimate some species to lower humidity.

They don't need winter dormancy as they're tropical plants and very low temperatures will kill them outright.

That's about the limit of my knowledge anyway, hope this helps you mate, and good luck with the nep! :D

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the plant you have looks like a N x hookeriana to me so it is a hybrid between a N.ampularia and a N.rafflesiana.

both of the parent plants are lowlanders and they like it warm.

the info that Silverman gave seems quite right, just keep in mind they like higher temperatures.

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Fantastic, I'll ensure it is kept at a high temperature, what sort of lighting do they like? Can they be grown under artificial lighting conditions. If so what bulbs are good for them?

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