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Drosera leioblastus and D. paleacea

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Dear all,

as I so far only came across D. (paleacea ssp.) leioblastus plants which did not fit to the description in Lowrie's second book, I am quite happy to report that I got some gemmae last year which developed into plants just like in the description :dance4:


The probably most prominent attribute is the hairy inflorescence. All the plants I obtained with this name before were more or less glabrous and are either D. paleacea or D. oreopodion.

The stipule bud also fits nicely to Allen's drawing.

The same plant from the other side:


Another plant with a branched inflorescence:


The probably most similar species is D. (paleacea ssp.) trichocaulis which also has a very hairy inflorescence. But in D. trichocaulis the sepals are also covered with hairs, whereas those in D. leioblastus are more or less glabrous.

The glabrous sepals are already visible in the second picture above, but here is a macro shot:


In contrast, D. paleacea (ssp. paleacea) produces a more or less glabrous flower stalk.



My D. trichocaulis are not that advanced yet, so their pictures will follow later.

Please correct me if I got something wrong.



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