Eymae or Maybe not?

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This is my "Eymae"!

I got this plant from Kew during the CPS open day. it was the first plant that i had got in Vitro

Its been growing in a terrarium, with "summer holidays" in the greenhouse

It has just recently put out its first "upper" pitcher, the real "test" for any plhttp://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s639/mark_griffin2/197815_10150873671910098_672617986_n_zpsfffae395.jpgant "tagged" as Eymae.!





I now have my doubts about its "purity" and Welcome Anybodies oppinion


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All of those photos also look similar to the wistuba clone and not like the supposedly 'true' eymae. I suspect the photos of the 'true' eyame were an extreme example and eymae is just an extreme form of maxima anyway.

Getting worked up about what name it is is pointless, the wistuba clone (and also yours) is a great plant, "a rose by any other name..." to quote one sensible guy.

BTW thats not an upper pitcher.

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Hello Manders, i guess im still having problems "sharing" photos!

I agree about the " name" thing I love this plant!

CK or not , pants are pants!!!! im not a "fan" of "Goldie" the sarracenia, but it has a "designer" name

so can demand a higher price!!??

HOPEFULLY you can now see the pics i intended for my previous post


285688_10150873662145098_685899144_n by elvis g, on Flickr


197815_10150873671910098_672617986_n (1) by elvis g, on Flickr


TigerJoe 016 by elvis g, on Flickr


TigerJoe 045 by elvis g, on Flickr

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Opps I missed some of the lower photos last night...

Heres my Wistuba 'false eymae', thought I had some better photos but cant seem to track them down just now...

I did find the shape of the uppers was still highly variable by the end of the season last year when the vine was around 9 feet or so. Unfortunately I think this winter has been too much for it...




The shape of the lid is consistent with eymae and different to maxima on both your plant and mine.

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Thanx for sharing your pics (i find it easier to do so, now im sober!)

Im inclined to agree with your statement af Eymae being an extreme of Maxima

IM guessing our plants could be a cross between Eymae & Maxima, apparently none of the plants in

Kews private collection are "true" Eymae,s, maybe they should only be propagated vegativley? :chiffa:

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Some knowledgeable folks have id'd the kew plants as 'true eymae' but given that apparently the guy that described the species seems to have thought in hindsight it was a mistake to describe it as a species in the first place, i think its all a moot point. I dont think it has to be a hybrid, just part of the natural variation within a species. Whether that species is eymae (which maybe should never have been described) or maxima, i doubt will ever be clear.

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