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Hey guys!!

This week i repoted one of my cephalotus, and everything was going fine for the first days, but now all the pitchers appear to be closing...

I've read somewhere sometime ago that one of the reasons they close are lack of humidity...

Since that doesn't appear to be the case, is it some sort of transplant shock?

Thank you in advance!!

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This usually happens especially if your weather is hot. Best to put the plant in a shady spot for a few weeks to recover. Full the pitchers with water to help prevent dessication. If I split a big plant into several pieces, and remove compost, then I usually cut off all the pitchers except for 1 per root section, as they will die anyway; best to keep 1 than lose all.

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I use a transparent plastic bag on top of the Cephalotus transplants to promote humidity. This is successful with divisions of single root offshoots (white stems without side-roots). Keep them shades for a couple of weeks till two months. Let plants slowly acclimate to its final environment by removing the transparent bag after a few weeks. You can check by the responds of the pitchers closing lids.

When you have plants already suffering from mildew then this process is not preferred, due to the ideal conditions for the mildew to thrive.

When repotting without divisions, there should be no problem in losing pitchers as long as you don’t harm the plant rootsystem. And don’t repot with hot weather conditions.

Good luck,


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