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Hi, I'm sam, I'm originally from Leeds but I currently live in derbyshire with the rest of my immediate family.

Loved CPs since I was little, I've always found them fasinating, sadly I lacked the know-how to keep my plants (vft's and the odd cape sundew) alive when I was younger (a combination of tap water and no winter dormancy for the VFT's) :( I've since picked up the basics of CP's and have had a drosera aliciae living quite happily in my room for a while which I've just re-potted.

I came here seeking advice over my newest addition to my bedroom/greenhouse, a nepenthes of indeterminate species (labelled as alata but im not sure) and really just to learn all I can about these fantastic plants :tu:

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Hi Sam, welcome to the forums, glad you could join us. You've come to the right place, plenty of advice on here.

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