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"Triton x Weinrot" and "Trichterfalle x Coquillage"


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These photos are an update to this thread:


The "Triton x Weinrot" seedling looks almost exactly like the mother plant Triton. Like Triton, it does not seem to take on color easily, so unfortunately it doesn't appear to have inherited any of the anthocyanin carrying traits of the father plant Weinrot.

Triton x Weinrot


Trichterfalle x Coquillage

In addition to having the "fuzzy" arms (commonly called "scaling") as seen in the photo here as "Trichterfalle x Coquillage" was taken out of tissue culture:


It also has remarkably long teeth (also known as cilia or marginal lashes) as seen in the photo below:


To me, this cross looks very similar to Schuppenstiel with slightly longer teeth. It's a nice looking plant :)

I've seen quite a few Trichterfalle seedlings now with the long cilia, including "Miss Pimbeche":


So perhaps Trichterfalle carries the genes for long cilia?

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Yes, both of these plants are very similar to other clones, so they won't be named nor sold as unique plants. They'll simply be used for future crosses or sold as seed grown plants in the FlytrapStore.

Perhaps self-pollinating the Triton x Weinrot flowers will result in some red-colored Triton-like plants :)

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