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Microdent x Weinrot

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These photos are an update to this thread:


In the fall of 2011, I received some flytrap seeds from a friend in Germany. There were quite a few interesting crosses in the bunch and Microdent x Weinrot was one of them. I sterilized and sowed them in vitro. There were quite a few seeds from the cross that successfully germinated. Of them, there were 5 that had traits similar to the mother plant (Microdent). In my experience with germinating thousands of seeds, the seedlings usually have more genetic similarities to the mother plant than to the father plant. This is the case here as well. The father plant, Weinrot, is a red-leafed Venus fly trap variety.

The Microdent x Weinrot seedlings are not genetically identical to Microdent and, while they look similar, there are some distinguishing characteristics between them and Microdent. Namely, the seedlings seem more able to get good coloration in the traps than does Microdent. This is likely due to the influence of the father plant Weinrot, which has a lot of anthocyanin in its leaves.

Here are some photos I snapped a while back just before transplanting these babies:






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Hmmm quite close to Microdent but more red, one plant is already in collection under the name microdent x akai ryu


Using microdent in crossing show many potential! Good work Matt!

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