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Moorland Gold Supply

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Like many growers on here I use Moorland Gold as an alternative to peat in a lot of my compost mixes. My fairly simplistic understanding is that it is derived from peat sediment running off the Yorkshire Moors into reservoirs. The reservoir filter systems collect the sediment which is then bagged and sold. Great stuff too!

So, my ears pricked up one day recently when a local TV news item mentioned Yorkshire Water's Moors For The Future project. If I got it right they were saying that they were going to "manage" the moors better to make the water cleaner by preventing the sediment getting into the reservoirs. See quote below.

"What's been done

We are blocking up grips - channels that were cut in the past to attempt to drain the land and make it suitable for grazing - and natural gullies. This will increase water levels and slow the water flow. It also traps peat sediment and helps prevents it getting into water destined for our water supply."

Does anybody know any more about this project? I wonder if this will mean that we will shortly be looking for an alternative to our peat alternative?

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