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Sarracenia seedling selection


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I've been growing sarracenia seedlings for the past few years now and some are reaching up to 3" in height. All these plants will take up a lot of space if potted up in single pots. I was wondering when people start selecting the plants to keep and grow on. I could just pick the largest and discard the rest but may miss a plant with attractive characteristics. What are other peoples advice and experiences?

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Patience!I 'd give them another year.

but it depends on what you're growing for,are they just mixed hybrid crosses?

I start with a plant in my mind and cross for that aim.

Then i select out for the characteristics i was looking for,then for vigour or size, also good strong roots when you repot.

A plant that grows well in my conditions is also a factor in producing the cross in the first place.

we all know some plants don't grow as well up here in the dull cold north.

Don't be afraid to be ruthless! if in any doubt when repotting,bin it! you'll thank yourself in the long run.

Worry about good strong growing plants,not weedy things that "might make something"

I know everybodies idea of nice plants are different but you are growing them!

Ask yourself this, if the plant was growing in someone elses collection, would you pay good money for it?

does it really stand out?

It might sound a bit harsh Martin but if you're not ruthless you only end up with a load of average plants,which is fine if you have loads of space and time.


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I must admit I had no aim when I first tried Sarracenia seeds, just wanted to see if I could grow them. So I've got seedlings of my own crosses that only came about because of convenient flowering times. Since then I've bought seed of selfed plants or crosses I like the sound of. I do tend to prefer the vigorous tall plants so may just choose on that. But as you say, probably a bit early to make these decisions.

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