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Blue fluorescent of Cephalotus

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As soon as my friend read the article "Carnivorous plant species glow blue to lure prey", he start trying to take a fluorescent photo by lighting plants with banknote tester. But all his Nepenthes has no fluorescence reaction.

Unexpectedly, he find the fluorescence appear at Cephalotus as followed:





The older pitcher has weaker fluorescence (2 pitcher in the middle is the oldest) and the younger one has stronger fluorescence (the pitcher at front left).



As he mentioned, the strength of UV light and the exposure time of camera might effect the strength of fluorescence.

Original Website: CP World (Taiwan)

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Could you please mention the UV-wavelength you used for your pictures, e.g., true UV (256 & 366 nm) or black light (390 nm). With black light 390 a lot of visible blue/violett light is also emitted and reflected, but that is no true fluorescence. Our Cephalotus showed no fluorescence with true UV, but the pitchers are actually from last year and we observed with Nepenthes, that fluorescence fades with older pitchers. See also thread http://www.cpukforum...showtopic=48605.

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Well, our Cephalotus traps are not fresh (from last year), and did not show any fluorescence with 254 and 366 nm true UV. But the white and bright parts of the trap reflect the visible blue light which is also part of the 390 nm blacklight torches. Therefore I think most of the blue shining color of the above Cephalotus is reflexion and not fluorescence. However, no doubt it is looking nicely.

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