Just picked up a Nepenthes edwardsiana


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congratulations to this jewel! So this is the same source Jeremiah has his seedgrown eddy from? May I ask what price you payed for this plant?

It's really great to hear that there is a breeding pair from Mt. Tambuyukon in cultivation. This is one of the most beautiful Nepenthes I know and after visiting both natural habitats I'm even more stunned about the size of the upper pitchers! with over 50cm in length!!

If you would like to see some more pictures of from Marai Parai...



... and Mt. Tambuyukon - here you go!




(All in german but the pictures should speak for themselves!)

Happy eddy growing and kind regards


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Magnificent plant :Laie_71mini: , this pitcher has a very vivid coloration typical of a Nepenthes well cared :tu: . Congratulations, because you deserve the time dedicated to the hobby :Laie_95: .

Best regards,


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It gets ambient temps. In the summer it gets temps up to 95 F. Didn't like last summer too much :(

I treat it the same as for N. ventricosa. But it probably would like it a bit cooler and more humid; so I've taken to running a cool mist humidifier anytime the ambient humidity drops.

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