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I have a tray of VFT seedlings that are doing well, but a lot of surface moss has also appeared which is threatening to engulf the seedlings. I fear that any attempt to pull out the moss will also damage the seedlings.

Is there any way to eliminate (or at least suppress) the moss and also prevent it from growing in future?



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Carpet moss (there are many species) is an almost constant problem. Many new growers think that it's pretty and allow it to grow and spread. But carpet moss can form a thick, water-stealing, strangling mat that threatens to squeeze out any other living thing, including Venus Flytraps and other plants.

Even large Venus Flytraps can feel the squeeze and not be able to grow nearly as well as they would otherwise.

If the VFT seedlings are tiny, it's hard to weed out the moss without damaging the seedlings. What I normally do, other than plucking as much moss as I can with tweezers as I see it begin to grow, is to allow the seedlings to grow with the moss until they are old enough and large enough (although still small of course, because seedlings are slow growing), is to weed out the carpet moss with tweezers between the seedlings as best I can. This at least helps to alleviate the pressure while the seedlings are growing. Then when the seedlings are perhaps a year old, or after their first dormancy, I empty the soil, seedlings and moss into a large bowl of water, carefully separate the seedlings from the moss, and transplant the seedlings.

If the carpet moss is extremely overgrown and compacted, it can help to transplant the tiny Venus Flytrap seedlings anyway, without waiting. If one is careful and reasonably delicate, this can be done fairly easily and without much negative effect on the seedlings or their subsequent growth.

Good luck! I hate carpet moss. :ireful1:

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