14W ceiling - led total white ultra slim

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Meet my new realization, the total white ultra slim ceiling.

Use smd led, like 5050, I just mixed the LEDs for each spotlight, warm white + cool white, ratio about 1:1

the small terrarium measuring 35 * 21 * 23h cm

here are the pictures:

the original cool-white spot


the custom spot, warm white + cool white


the rear spot


the custum spot light


the custom spot - front light


the ceiling front view


the ceiling with two custom spot light - other view


the ceiling and terrarium


the first test - on the center


the first test on the corner


for the moment this is everything


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I have little experience with smd led, of course the quality is lower than the power LED.

I also think that the problem you're referring to is shown waterproof led strips, in fact they use a bath of polymer (usually silicon) which over time can lose transparency.

However, for terrariums as high as 60cm smd led these are good, there are 5630 smd type that are more powerful than the 5050, but are more expensive.

In addition, I also found for smd 5050 lens 80 degrees and this is wonderful!

For this ceiling, the cost of aluminum , spotlights and two screws no more than 20 euro, it seems a good price, if calculated in watts, are € 1.43 per watt, labor was very fast, with 6 hours I realized the whole.


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For the moment I am not interested the red LEDs and blue for growth, with the ceiling light 100W total white, I'm having very good results on various species of carnivorous plants.

As soon as possible put photos in new topic.

For this ceiling, the total cost about 20 euro. For a 7W single spotlight, the cost is about 5-6 Euro, excluding the work of customization.


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Yes, I know that you are not interested in red and blue LEDs, as this was discussed in your other LED thread. What I was interested in though is the fact you said one of them was customised, as presumably this could be customised with red/blue LEDs - if someone decided they wanted. Did you do the customisation yourself, or buy it that way?

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I purchased two spotlights, one cool white and one warm white.

Then I unsoldered and soldered chips and I created the custom spotlight.

In the market there are only mono color.

They are also not knowledge of smd led red and blue suitable for cultivation.


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They are also not knowledge of smd led red and blue suitable for cultivation.

Wistuba uses SMD LED for his cultivation and I think I read somewhere that they are 5050.



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