Pinguicula filifolia again

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Hi everyone,

Here are 2 pictures of my first P.filifolia flower. It is growing in a mix of sand and peat (70%/30%). Temperatures at nigth are about 23°C and 32°C during the day. Artificial light is provided by 4 neon lamps of 18W each one.

Hope you enjoyed!



Best regards,


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Wow! apparently growing this Pinguicula is becoming common in Europe, hopefully soon it seeds are available for sale, as this would help to make this kind of plant accessible to all hobbyists.

Indeed Damien, thank you for posting this beautiful flower photo of your P. filifolia.

Until next and success in its cultivation.

Best regards,


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Wow, what a nice shade of... is that pink? Most P.filifolia in cultivation seem to be bluish. Although known to have variable flower colors in the wild, I can't recall if pinkish was among the recorded colors.


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