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D. cistiflora Nieuwoudtville

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Dear all,

now the first D. cistiflora opened is flower in this season. As we had the sunny day today, the conditions were good to take some photos:








In addition, I will upload more pictures and pages for my homepage later today, e.g. flower pictures of D. salina: http://www.tuberous-....net/salina.htm. One of the recent additions is a "what's new" section accessible from the start page (just above the title) which may be helpful to find recent additions to the page.

Please give me about 2 hours to get the data ready.

I hope you like the pictures!


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Beautiful plant Dieter, how it grows and really interesting. The size and color of its flowers are a true spectacle.

Her problem is with respect to germination, it seems that the seeds need to go through a procedure to be born, otherwise nothing done.

Best regards,


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Thank you for your nice comments!

Hey Dieter that is some wonderful photography of an amazing plant! Really beautiful flower! Have you had any problems with germinating the seeds?

No, not really. I usually use option 1 as described on my website. The more difficult part is to get the plants strong enough so that they survive the first summer. Feeding them does help a lot, however ;-)

Best regards


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