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A P. laueana flower to brighten up a winter's day. I don't know much about Mexican pings; are they supposed to flower this time of year? The plant is kept on a West facing windowsill with my other pings which are also flowering but they all are exhibiting their winter resting rosettes.



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Beautiful flower Martin, my laueana has never flowered yet so it's nice to see just what I'm missing. thanks

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Err, do humming birds pollinate this species? That nectar tube looks too big for normal pollinating insects...?

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Congrats on the flower!!

In cultivation things are often a little different than in the wild...

I can tell you is that it does not have flowers in the wild in November, as you can see in this report:

Here's a report of P.laueana in the wild in January (still no flowers):

But it is already in full bloom by April, as you can see in this report:

And in July a few flowers are still around:

So my guess in that in the wild P.laueana flowers approximately from Feb-March to July-August.

All the Best,

Fernando Rivadavia

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments and thanks Fernando and Piranha for the information. Mine's flowering from a winter rosette as in the photos, so that's about right. The rosette's also green suggesting it's not getting enough light (also as in the photos). Maybe worth trying it at a more southerly facing window. My only regret is it leans towards the light on the windowsill so the flower is not as upright as I'd wish. I've also heard that some P. laueana clones are reluctant to flower so I hope you get some luck Gaz. Anyone know if they grow offshoots like other pings?

Many thanks,

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