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Flies from Compost Bin

Mark Long

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Hi there

I'm a little worried that our D. schizandra, adelae and prolifera aren't getting enough food as we grow them in a terrarium to boost the humidity. Yet every time I remove the lid off my compost bin there's a small swarm of tiny flies and I wonder if they would make suitable plant food.

Does anyone catch these for their plants, or know what species they are and whether or not they would be detrimental to the plants? I've heard that you can catch fruit flies by putting a small amount of acetic acid on cotton wool in a jam jar, but are these actually fruit flies?



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I used these for my D. capensis and P. grandiflora last year, just opened the lid and swung a plant around. They loved it.

I see no reason why you couldn't used them for those Drosera.

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