Utricularia Humboldtii identification?


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hi everyone this is my first post on here i signed up because i felt that i could benefit from the knowledge experienced growers of utricularia humboldtii

recently bought a "seed grown" utricularia humboldtii from california carnivores a reputable nursery in the United States about a month ago, however i became suspicious about the true identity of this plant because it looks nothing like other utricularia photos that i have seen elsewhere, this utricularia looks sorta like utricularia praelonga, it produces paddle-like leaves and needle-like leaves. I have tried to research on juvenile utricularia humboldtii but only see pitcures of seedlings or adult forms. During the research online I came accross other growers who also had trouble believing what they received as utricularia humboldtii were indeed humboldtii since they also had variable leaves that were paddle-like and upright leaves but no solid answer was given

I was wondering if any experienced grower has any information on why this bladderwort produces these leaves, is it temporary? a different clone? or if it is indeed a utricularia humboldtii. I have mixed feelings since california carnivores is a very reputable nursery but at the same time my utricularia is giving me a hard time believing it is.

i have noticed that the plant preffers growing in very wet and shady conditions, its leaves turn purple under bright light and i feel as if it were going to die so i move it into indirect low light and gets vigorous growth of needle like leaves033.jpg034.jpg035.jpg

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Sorry that looks nothing like humboldtii. I have grown it for over 20 years and it has only ever produced 1 leaf type. Have not grown it from seed, but have grown nelumbifolia and reniformis, which both produce nearly reniform leaves even on very young seedlings, so I doubt very much that any atypical leaf shape as shown is a result of seed grown origins.

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Sorry that looks nothing like humboldtii. I have grown it for over 20 years and it has only ever produced 1 leaf type.
While the 'normal' leaf is indeed paddle shaped, U. humboldtii also produces a fern-like group of leaves. In my experience, they are usually present when young or in very wet conditions (here's one example from the bottom of a small pot). In addition to the paddle & fern leaves, I've also seen various shapes when the plants are stressed (including elongated paddles - like some of yours in the pic).

While I cannot say what your plant is or isn't, given the growing conditions & pic quality - I would recommend changing your approach before drawing conclusions.

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