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nepenthes winter 2013


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Guest Andreas Eils

Bonjour Guillaume,

oooh, I see a bunch of Lecanopteris!!!! :woot: And I also see you use the same black plastic baskets to grow some of them in as I do! These pots have proven to be ideal for the antferns as well as for the orchids I grow. Your greenhouse is a discovery journey! You spot more and more interesting things like the orange flowering Masdevallia orchid for example. And all your plants look really gorgeous! I particularly like the Veitchii with the striped peristome. Ooh and do I also notice a Dicksonia fern somewhere in a corner...? By all means this is a greenhouse that can make you happy! :happy:

Best regards


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Thank you very much Andreas

Yes I like my Lecanopteris especially mirabilis.

Yes my Masdevallia grows well in my greenhouse and in this type of pot, it always has flowered this period.

For veitchii you talked about the first photo? or 13th?

the 13th is a Photo Nepenthes ovata.

Yes it is Dicksonia antartica :smile:

I'm happy that you like my greenhouse

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Guest Andreas Eils

Bonsoir Guillaume,

Nr. 13 is in fact N. ovata? :oops: How embarrassing for me! I haven´t seen often pictures of N. ovata and have a somehwat different memory on this species. It seems I´m more familiar with ferns then (as I have determined Dicksonia antarctica correctly :laugh: ).

However I like N. ovata very much as well. Never grew one unfortunately.

I grow only two Masdevallias at the moment: A miniature species called Masdevallia nidifica that enjoys thriving in my heated lowland terrarium. And Masdevallia ignea which grows in my small highland terra. The latter never bloomed for me! :mad: I think my conditions aren´t ideal for this species to flower. Maybe it has to be colder than 10 - 13°C in the night and 15 - 18°C during the day. :ermm:



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Bonsoir Andreas

There is not time he starts pushing it vegetating for 2 years! I'm glad he finally decides pushed.

At first when I buy my Masdevallias I would not have thought it would have pushed into my greenhouse.

In my greenhouse it is between 13 and 15 at night and 15 to 25 days the (winter) is dependent on the sun


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Guest Andreas Eils

Allô Guillaume,

is your Masdevallia a hybrid or a species? There´s not so much information on M. ignea. But it shares the same altitude as M. coccinea which is another favourite of mine. I am told M. ignea would be lazy in flowering! :nono: And Coccinea would only flower when temperatures are very low: 7 - 10°C in the night and no more than 16°C at daytime. Well, a more experienced orchid grower told me it would be difficult to grow Masdevallias successfully in a terrarium let alone getting them to flower. Another one even predicted me the plants would even die after a few months! Hmhm...I grow them already two years now! :tongue:

I just hope one not too far day in the future I will be able to start a new terrarium - a HIGH TECH ONE :biggrin: !!! - with a cooling and ultrasonic vapouriser! If the Igneas only would be so friendly to survive until then!

A bientôt


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Hello Andreas

Yes, I think it is a hybrid, me mine I do not even care lol he needs can be a lot of moisture for my greenhouse is between 60 and 100% humidity, I bought a orchid exhibition, I asked the seller an orchid that likes moisture and can live with nepenthes, the new exhibition will take place in March, I think brought back to other species .

A+ :wink:

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latter série

(Lowii x veitchii) x campanulata


N.Rebecca Soper x N.ventricoca red


truncata x (spectablis x northiana) Domonick ;)


Adnata x muluensis


Lecanopteris curtisii


Lecanopteris holttumii


(ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x trusmadiensis


Ventricosa x trusmadiensis


Ventricosa x lowii


Maxima wavy leaf


Truncata x ephippiata


ampullaria x ventricosa


chaniana x veitchii or vietchii ?


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