Sarraceniaceae of North America

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I've been trying to get through the book by Stewart, and have a few questions...

From my very basic knowledge of how a species or variety is published, I assume that once a particular species or cultivar is in print, that name becomes official.

But does it mean that I have to re-label a lot of my plants?

For example: I have a S. oreophila - Heavily veined and purple throat. Do I now have to relabel is as S. oreophila var. ornata? or do I have relabel my S. leucophylla - anthocyanin free as S. leucophylla f. viridescens? to name just a few.

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In regard to the Anthocyanin free question, how many people do you know who, if they had not read the book, would understand the meaning of "Viridescens"?

I personally would put Anthocyanin free in brackets, after the full scientific name. For ease or reading labels.

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Hi Loaksey

I’ve got to agree that it was easier to remember just a couple of green names like heterophylla and luteola now there is a whole raft of them I am struggling to remember which green name goes with which species, although I am sure it will become more familiar with use. As for confusion, with some people relabelling and others not, I think if you know a little about Sarracenia you may well aware some of the plants history and you will be familiar with common names and terms used to describe plants and therefore which plant it pertains to, so the new names are an extension of this. It is unlikely that a plant will get confused, as with an old name or new name, a smidgen of research if anyone is in doubt, will reveal what it is.

The confusion seems to be more in my head, I’m never quite sure at the moment, without reference to the book, to which my viridescens, pallidiflora or luteoviridis apply.



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You are free to call your plants whatever valid published name they have. Naming are just reflecting different point of views.

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At the end of the day I'm probably not going to change my labels (if for no other reason that it could be quite costly...). If I get a plant in the future labelled S. leucophylla var viridescens I will probably keep it like that, but at the same time I can't be sure I haven't received a plant labelled S. flava copper-top and not re-labelled it as var cuprea. If enough people choose one way of the other I think eventually the naming system will change, or become very confusing, and future generations of CP growers will be constantly posting questions like "what's the different between A and B?", when they're probably the same thing.

A good subject for debate though...

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Well, my new favourite Sarracenia name is "Sarracenia psittacina var. Okefenokeensis f. Luteoviridis" It's just so good.

NepGrower, thanks for the list.

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