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Unintentional Bog garden

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Well a few years of laziness on my behalf has actually worked in my favour. The first two photos show what my collection used to look like and the rest are from this year. The Sphagnum moss grew over the side of most of the pots and then joined up with each other and then grew upwards. Most of the flytraps got seriously swamped so I dug them all out last winter and just popped them into the top of the moss. All the pots you see in the first two photos are still under there somewhere! With such a large surface area with all the moss it loses a lot of water during the hot weather and I have to add about 40 litres of rainwater a day to keep it looking green.

Anyway here are the photos, hope you enjoy.








Regards Neil

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Wow! Really impressive! Well, now that you have a very thick and big Sphagnum layer... Why not taking advantage of it and take out all the pots out and make a "real" bog garden? Anding some peat in the bottom will be enought, and plants will have more space for the roots to develop.

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A very impressive "accident" you have there Neil, well done and thanks for sharing it. A good example of how it sometimes pays to think and work less hard :Laie_98:

Is your 40 litres a day disappearing through evaporation alone or is there some leakage?

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Beautiful Bog, a sign that the cultivator is a very dedicated person to the hobby.

Note: Taking into account that you live in a subtropical region, should be a lot of work induce artificial dormancy in his Dionaea and Sarracenia.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for all the comments. I'm pretty sure the 40 litres a day of water it requires is purely through evaporation. The orange trays you see in the first photos are still under there and I just top them up. I suppose a couple of them could be cracked but the ones that aren't still lose all their water every day!

I don't have to do anything for the dormancy of the Dionaea or Sarracenia. I think I must be just south enough for them to get the sleep they need in winter outside. It's quite surprising as winter temps are approx 10 at night and 20 in the day. Must be the change in day length that sends them to sleep.

Regards Neil

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I can't believe it !!!! :blink: What kind of sphagnum is it? .

Where is the Sphagnum? I can´t see it! By the way, I din´t know the vid, but, there are some of my plants in this video! From min 10:53 to 11:25 aprox!

Moi Vinnok, I didn´t know you write here too! I am "Malamadre" at DAEPC forum. :-)

Speaking about Sphagnum and leaking, I have experienced the same in some contaniers overflowed by the Sphagnum. It seem to "syphon" the watter from the container if some of its growth points it´s hanging outside. Carefull! It will drip continously until container is almost empty.

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