Hello from germany

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my name is Karl, im 16 years old now and since 2009 i cultivate carnivorous plants. The Informations wich i found here in the CPUK Forum were very helpful as i tried to grow my very first plants. I´m very thankful for that. So here is a big THANK YOU for you all :give_heart: .

Over time now i made some experiences on my own, and especially with LED´s i have now some knowledge to share wich i hope is useful for some of you.

Sorry for my bad language skills, but i hope you can understand the meaning of my posts.

Greetings from germany

Karl H.

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Hallo Karl,

herzlich willkommen hier im Forum! Mach´s Dir bequem, hier wirst Du sicher viel Info bekommen und viel Inspiration und viele Antworten, ich bin wirklich gerne hier!

Was hast Du denn so alles für Sorten?

Viele Grüße,


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Guest Andreas Eils

Welcome at CPUK, Karl!

Your English is very good! :Laie_98: Your LED lit plants look fantastic, never seen such red Scorpioides, not even in full sun! *glupsch!* So, LED is the real thing for illuminating carnivores, eh?

Enjoy your time here!


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thank you all for your replies.

Well i don´t grow a specific genera of plants at the moment. But i build a new highland terrarium at the moment, because Heliamphora and Nepenthes are my favorite Plants. Unfortunately the last highland terrarium wich i had completely froze up, because the thermal controller on my stirling cycle cooling device was broken. And -40°C is quite a low temperature, even for highland plants :cray:

Yes the future of CP illumination definitely belongs to LED´s. And that they emit a ugly light, if you try to aim the absorption maxima of the biomechanical processes is simply a misconception. There are 89 different PA wavelengths known to science, and if you (could) combine all these you actually get a pretty nice light. Even if you are unable to combine all 89 wavelengths, ( actually it isn't possible to combine all 89 wavelengths because you wont ever get all these specific wavelengths out of LEDs) the light you get doesn´t looks ugly.

All i want to say is that LED light actually looks quite nice if you do it right. :)

I really looking forward to my time on the CPUKf


Karl H.

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