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Hi Raju, and welcome. I think you couldn't grow any North American carnivorous plants, like Sarracenia, Venus Flytraps and the winter-hardy Drosera, it just doesn't get cold enough in Mumbai in the Winter months (you could however give those plants artificial dormancy by putting them into the refrigerator in the Winter months). However, many other plants can thrive in your climate, such as many non-Winter hardy Drosera and also lowland Nepenthes.

If you are very new to the hobby, then you may not have any books yet on the subject, if so, I can recommend Peter D'Amato's book: The savage garden. It's a bit old, 1998 I think, but still a first choice. This July the totally revised 2nd edition will become available.

Hope this helps somewhat, best, Amar.

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Guest Andreas Eils

Hello Raju and welcome at CPUK!

I think you will have the same trouble with growing Venus Flytraps and Sarracenia in India like the guys I know in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia. However I know a couple of them who managed to maintain VFTs and Sarras in their tropical climate. They try to give the VFTs a dry dormancy during winter. What they do with the Sarras I don´t know, I suppose cutting them back and store them in the fridge.

How to exactly prepare them for dormancy you may find out here: tanamanbuas.proboards.com unless you find one of the Southeast Asian freaks here. :) I´ve been a guest for a short time at tanamanbuas. As they use to talk in Indonesian and not much in English I couldn´t understand much. :oops: The board is mainly about Nepenthes but if I remember correctly I have also seen pictures of Sarracenias and VFTs there.

You can also post a new thread here at CPUK with the title "How to grow VFTs and Sarracenia in the tropics" for example. Maybe someone who has experience with winter hardy plants in the tropics can tell you. :) Andre R.?

Anyway: Good luck!


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Ah, this may be of interest to you too!


Hi Amar

Thanks a lot and sorry for delayed acknowledgement.

I had two VFTs which were doing well from November 2012 when I just got them. I did not make them go through dormancy as they were just doing well. Come April and they can not stand the temperatures any more. I have just now put them in fridge to keep them alive. Do not know any other way of keeping them alive. I also have two sundews, a genlease and six nepenthes. Only one sundew seems to be doing well. Others have not died but not blooming either. Lets see my luck..

Will buy the book.

thanks once again.


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