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First - a little story .... back in June of 2011, I gave away many of my little weedy utrics. About a month ago, I was cleaning around my office tank & found a sealed container which originally housed an experiment (I set up 11 small cups with some special aquatic plant media). Some utrics grew in it, some didn't. Somehow the container got pushed behind my tank & out of view. When I found it, I brought it out to toss in the trash -- but before I did, I glanced inside and I thought I saw small specks of green. Sure enough, one pot had something still clinging to life. I located my original 'key' to what species was in each pot. There were many weedy species in the experiment (U. reniformis, U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay', U. graminifolia, U. uniflora, U. nephrophylla, U. pubescens, U. blanchetii, U. warburgii & U. geminiloba) - ok not all were 'weedy'. When I read the key, I did a double-take. I looked at the green specks & still wasn't sure. So, I opened up the container, took the green specks and planted them in a small pot of mixed, peat-based media.

Here's the pot today - top view:


... and even more amazing, look what's coming up in the side view:


.... several flower stalks.

Yup - out of all those species, who would have figured that U. pubescens, the cutie with the little peltate leaves, would be the one standing 18 months later? I know it's just me, but I really enjoy seeing the variety of weedy mosses among all those miniature umbrellas popping up everywhere - like a pretend, mini-jungle ... :sun_bespectacled: (yes I know - I won't appreciate all those mosses in a month but by then I'll probably take some divisions and spread them around - I'm thinking I may add a chunk to a Heli pot ...)

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.... One question though, and I'm not trying to be a 'Weisenheimer' . You mentioned that U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' was in the original array somewhere as seedlings, only , can someone please explain whether this is technically feasible. The reason I ask is because I was under the apprehension that U. bis 'Betty's Bay' to be a cultivar and not a distinct species. So, does this plant comoe true from seed?

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I think the secret is keeper the water very high, my U. pubescens bloom often with this metod.
I'm not sure what the issue was with your conditions. Each time I've grown this species, it has been quite easy to induce flowering. Seasonal flooding can often be a flowering trigger in some species (as can other seasonal cues - like photoperiod & temperatures). This clone is flowering without a high water level. Based on my experience with other utrics, you may have had a clone that was more difficult than the one I'm growing.
.... One question though, and I'm not trying to be a 'Weisenheimer' . You mentioned that U. bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' was in the original array somewhere as seedlings ...
Sorry - but I believe you misread the opening paragraph - none of the original plants were 'seedlings'. All were vegetative clones (divisions) from other plants.
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