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Is it worth growing Drosophyllum without artificial lights?


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During winter, in british weather conditions. My Drosera Adelae is doing fine (the ends of the tentacle are red, but the stalks are white) but the nidiformis next to it, both on the sunniest windowsill in the house looks weak.

Could a drosophyllum survive the low lights during the dark months or is it just not worth the effort without additional lighting?

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I don´t know, even where I live, (North coastal zone of Spain) is very cloudy and dark in winter for them. (Here rains A LOT. We get the same amount of water than Walles or West Ireland. So not very sunny here).

I didn´t dare to grow Drosophyllum here, but a friend grew it in Vitoria (a few kilometres inlands from I live) and it died in winter. But I don´t know if it died because of the cloudy months, or because of the very humid weather we have here in winter.

Using a greenhouse to prevent rainwater soak the plant media will be very usefull.

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