First pics ever of U.petersoniae flowers!

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Hello everyone,

Exciting pics, the first ever of flowering U.petersoniae!! They were taken by a Mexican CPer named David Juarez Gutierrez in the wild at the type location and also in cultivation. The flower is beautiful, very similar in coloring to the recently described U.regia - which grows not too far away in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.

I visited this site a few years ago (see: http://www.pinguicul...Postcard_15.htm), but I was too early for flowers and only saw leaves.

Hopefully David will be able to keep this species in cultivation and spread it around to all of us. I'm not sure how easy it'll be to grow though, since it comes from very high altitude, maybe something similar to tepui habitats in Venezuela.

And here are David's pics of this lovely species:






Fernando Rivadavia

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Guest Andreas Eils

Hello Fernando,

a really wonderful flower! Yumm...these incised petals and the violet lining! :wub: Could be the queen of Utricularias itself! And has the potential to make a CP-grower addictive! ;o) Hopefully David is good in propagating Utris... :whistling:

Thanks and best regards


I AM a Utri fan, yes!

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Magnificent plant Rivadavia, and as said, its flowers are similar to those of Utricularia regia. Out of curiosity, do you know where can I find information on this plant (U. regia)?

Best regards,


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