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tissue culture of VFTs


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Halo,everyone,I've been trying to carry out tissue culture of venus fly trap and recently I'm enjoying some progress. I'd like to post some pics to share with you.

sorry for the poor img quality as I'm not a good photographier with a not so professional device,I also optimised these pics' hoffman code.

.petiole with traps cut off:

1_zps57e2dcd1.jpgthis is the traps:

2_zpsff836cd3.jpgAnd,callus+adventitious buds:

4_zpsc7f6db43.jpgIMG_0566_zps05314e32.jpgThen,I get some young plants:

IMG_0578_zpsf85a0d1e.jpgIMG_0576_zps366610a3.jpgThe flower stalk was cut off and placed on the medium for buds induction:


see also,young plants in the "subculturing medium"to multiply themselves:

IMG_0580_zps20dbbea6.jpgIMG_0582_zpscd349215.jpgIMG_0579_zpsbd3287b5.jpgIMG_0577_zpsa620a071.jpgIMG_0573_zps303cb80c.jpgSome books have said that VFTs could not live in High salt evironment however,to my surprise,these following pics demonstrate my VFTs can,at least in vitro,wheather a ralatively high salt concentration.Notice that the culturing midium is FULL STRENCE MS with ordinary wasser(not distilled or reverse osmoisis wasser at all).Actually,they grew slowly in such a medium but did not dead however.


My next step is to widely induce callus and offer them high salt concentration in order to get a "salt resisting mutant"if I'm lucky enough.

Any suggestions are welcomed! :laugh2:

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Very nice TCing. VFT is a great starting plant because it is very forgiving and can be successfully propagated following various sterilisation and medium composition protocols. The tap water is sometimes better (for routine propagation) than R/O or distilled water, because it can contain micro elements that plants can benefit from. R/O or distilled water is advantageous when you want to have the composition of medium strictly determined (e.g. in research). Keep up the good work :)

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Thanks to replying this topic!

dudo klasovity´╝Ťpropagated following various sterilisation

Yes,actually I haven't sucess even for one time trying to sterilise sundrew leaves,they are too thinn to withstand disinfection agents' toxity.

As for the salt concentration I think,they can ony tolerate in vitro because there are other abundant salts in medium,which eased peculiar salt's toxity.


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