Wich colour temp should you use?

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My Heliamphora's are growing excellent in full sunlight al day long at summer.

And beqause they are aclimatized in full sun outside during the summer, they get trough the dark/cold days at winter on the windowsill prety well!

But i wan't to grow them even faster, soo i've been looking for some LED flood light's, 50Watt.

look: http://www.ebay.nl/i...#ht_6005wt_1397

They have the colour temp: 6000K (Cold white), and 3000K (Warm white).

I personaly thought of the 6000K model, so you have all of the colours that you need; is this right?

I have no experience with artificial lighting so i'll ask you guys!?


The luminous intensity of the lamp is 4500LM, so i'm pretty shure that's enough :cool:



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Without seeing the spectrograph from the lamps no one will be able to answer your question. Plants need certain wavelengths, which may or may not be available in sufficient quantities in these lamps. Just because a lamp has a colour temperature of daylight it certainly doesn't mean it gives out the same spectral distribution of sunlight and in fact could be high in green output, which is of little use to plants.

My personal experience with LEDs is that those that are targeted at plant growth, i.e. the correct wavelengths of red blue and auxiliary wavelengths are ok, provided they have sufficient power. I have found that plant growth under just white LEDs I have tried to be poor.

You might just need a little auxiliary light to supplement the daylight your plants are receiving. You might find that a CFL will suffice, such as the 23W lamp Martin Hingst used here: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20510

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Oke, thank you mobile(?)

Maybe some of you has done experiments with this kind of lamps.

So i'm looking forward fot a reply from someone who can/has figure(d) this out!

Here some pictures of my heliamphora's by the way:

Nutans (my first heliamphora, have this one since 2010 and flowers all the time..):



H.tatei var. tatei - Cerro Duida:


H.neblinae - Cerro Neb., Brazil-Ven.[stage 3]:




H.sarracenioides (Now it has less colour, beqause of the lack of light).




And my two heliamphora's that still have juvenile pitchers:

H.nutans ''Giant form'' - Oxford botanical garden (UK):


H.ionasii - Ilu Tepui, Venezuela:




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I find that in the winter months my windowsill growing Heliamphora produce flared pitchers with small nectar spoons.

Yes normally it would, but beqause i held the plant outside all summer long in full sun on the rooftop, it seems to compensate the lack of sunlight in the winter.

The nutans even put up a new flower, here's a picture of it (shot the picture 10 minutes ago :laugh: )




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Here's a couple of hurried pictures of mine taken a few minutes ago. Both on the same windowsill and both flowering:



H. heterhodoxa x ionsasii (hiding amongst the N. ventrata):



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Wow, those plants have very small nectar spoons indeed!

Do you put your plants also in full sunlight during the summer?

And too go back at the lighting:

If you use only red and blue with LED it seems too work fine, but i find the purple light very unatractive!

I bought a compact fluorescent lamp i while ago from 'megaman'


And this lamp also has the same purple light, what seems too be the only colours that plants need.

I assume, that there is enough of this in regular compact fluorescent lamps, beqause a saw that many people use these normal bulbs for there plants.


So does somebody know the right LED for plants, but for the eye is a normal white/warm white light?



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The plants grow there all year round. The H. heterodoxa x ionasii has been there for years and grows very large nectar spoons in the summer months.

Here's some pics from 2011:



The H. minor has only been there for only a few months.

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